About Credit Knight

Founded in Virginia Beach and Los Angeles, Credit Knight, LLC was originally Auto-Art Video, Jesse’s original business model was to develop interactive automotive tutorial videos for the auto industry, instead he utilized the technology aspects of Auto-Art Video and shifted gears to the self-help consumer credit repair concept with the innovative credit repair USB flash drives.


The founder of Credit Knight, LLC.

Jesse has a passion for art and technology… modern and ancient; he likes to think of ways to make our lives more enjoyable with new innovations, he is a self-taught learner in media production, he has an education in medical management and has worked in the automotive finance, retail, and service business for over 17 years.

In the past, Jesse experienced a major hardship physically and financially, pursuing his physical and financial recovery he developed the credit repair USB flash drive and eventually started Credit Knight to make peoples lives better reducing financial stress and rebuilding financial strength, the device is designed for savvy consumers to “take charge” and “fight back” to get their financial lives back on track.

Nirosha Peltier

Spokesmodel & Executive Partner

Jesse and Nirosha met in Los Angeles in 2005 and now are business partners for Credit Knight, LLC. Nirosha was originally going to be the spokesmodel and video talent for Auto-Art Video, she is now the spokesmodel and executive partner for Credit Knight, LLC.

Nirosha was born in Sri Lanka and moved with her family to Los Angeles when she was ten years old; she graduated from UCLA with a marketing degree and also owns an online skincare boutique “Nirosha Skin Care”, www.NiroshaSC.com.